Bus trips starting from Germany

In co-operation with other branches and divisions of City Tours Europe, City Tours Germany can assume the planning, organization and execution of bus trips to any destination in Europe starting from Germany. We are specialized in the organization of bus travels from Germany to Austria, Italy and Slovenia; we also have decisive competitive advantages as regards the organization of bus trips from Germany to France, considering that many employees of our company come from France or have French origins. Yet no matter the destination of your bus trip in Europe starting from Germany, the team of City Tours would be delighted to plan it for you in accordance with your wishes.

Important remark to individual passengers: We cannot offer the organization of bus trips starting from Germany to individual travellers yet, but only to tourist parties already formed: we do not (yet) offer any opportunity to book individual seats in a bus. If you are looking for a bus trip from Germany to any European country in which you could book a seat as an idividual passenger, please contact a bus travel agency in your own city.

Bus trips in Europe for tourist parties

Are you planning a company outing, a company travel or a class outing starting from Germany to any other European country? Are you considering taking the bus instead of flying? Or maybe you have already decided for a bus trip? Then City Tours is the right partner for you! We would be delighted to assume the planning, organization and execution of your bus trip - whatever your starting point in Germany and your destination in Europe. So that we can provide you as quickly as possible with an appropriate tailor-made offer for your European bus trip, please let us know the following information:

  • Your travelling dates: when would you like your bus travel to start? How long should it last? When would you like the bus trip to end?
  • Itinerary: where would you like to start your bus trip from? Where should it take you? Which places would you like to go through?
  • Number of passengers: how many passengers should take part in the bus trip?
  • Approximate Budget: what approximate budget have you planned for your bus trip in Europe?

Important: knowing your approximate budget (either per person or altogether) is very important for us to include the right services in our offer. For instance, it would be inappropriate to offer accomodation in a four-star hotel to a group with little budget - or on the contrary, accomodation in a youth hostel to a group with a high travel budget. We assure you that this is not about knowing how much we can screw out of you, but about planning a programme adapted to your budget. Indeed - contrary to some other companies - City Tours does not regard its customers as cash cows but as highly esteemed persons whose interest is our priority. Of course our services are not free of charge: we must live on something too - but we certainly do not live on squeezing out our customers - we leave this pleasure to others. So you do not have to worry about mentionning an approximate budget: we will not use it against you but in your interest as much as in our interest - the more precise your budget is, the more quickly we can prepare your tailor-made offer! Both you and we will spare time - and time is money!

Our City Tours Germany team is looking forward to your email at and will be delighted to help you!